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Learning More About Savings

New Contractor Grabbing At Straws? How Bid Bonds Can Help

by Ralph Ford

Breaking into the contract business may seem easy. Getting business loans and financing is the first hurdle, but you may not realize you have bigger hurdles ahead of you. Bidding for contracts is not just about throwing in an estimate of supplies, materials, man hours and projected completion date for each project. If you do not have the money to back every project independently, you need more funds to compete with the other contractors in your area. Bid bonds are the secret source used by the big contractors. Here is how bid bonds can help you get your business going and keep it going.

Bid Bonds Give You an Edge

Bid bonds act as your "promise" to do the project on which you are bidding. They give you a little bit of an edge over other contractors, especially if you can bid low enough, make a deposit with a bid bond and then get the project. You definitely have an edge over contractors who do not use bid bonds and attempt to back the bid on their own.

Bid Bonds Guarantee Some Money If the Consumer Backs Out

Bid bonds tend to guarantee you a portion of the money you would have expected to earn in the event that the consumer backs out of the contract with you. If you get the project, and then the consumer decides to back out, you may get paid a percentage, from ten percent up to and including the difference between your bid bond and the total amount you expected to earn upon completion. In short, the bid bond makes sure that you get some money, as opposed to getting nothing at all after investing in supplies and materials for the project and not being able to use what you spent a lot of money on.

Bid Bonds Provide Insurance for the Consumer Too

In addition to insuring your terms of your bid and contract, bid bonds also provide insurance for the consumer. In the event that you fail to complete the project per your bid, or you back out of your contract, the consumer is reimbursed and may receive additional compensation. The consumer also knows that he/she gets the surety bonds from you once you are given the contract whenever you use bid bonds to get the contract in the first place. Consumers who are savvy about bid bonds tend to prefer doing business with contractors who use them for this very reason.