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Hello, I’m Miranda West. I would like to use this site to help others build an adequate savings account. Most people do not have enough money in their savings accounts to cover emergency repairs or other expenses that unexpectedly arise. Without a savings account, you may be at the mercy of your employer, which can have a negative effect on upward mobility. I will cover popular savings techniques you can use to start building your nest egg. I will also talk about ways to reduce spending so you can dedicate more to your savings. Thank you for coming to my website.


Learning More About Savings

Selecting A Local Bondsman

by Ralph Ford

Just treatment is not always a given action in our society.  Many arrests that occur are due to ignorance of laws and codes that the average person is not fully aware of. One incident can result in being charged with multiple offenses and immediately being placed into custody of local officials. Simply forgetting to mail off or pay a fine online for a ticket can lead to being arrested. Here are a few ways that hiring a bail bondsman can help. 

Bondsman are not always fully staffed to provide the level of service local clients expect. Bail bondsman that provide minimal services often have lower price points and do not have great customer service. Willingness and physical ability of the staff to assist is extremely important due to everything at stake when a loved one is arrested. Good bondsman will not accept more clients than their office staff can handle. Expect the bondsman to have someone available twenty four hours a day to take phone calls, answer questions, and help in person when necessary. 

The bail bondsman will be able to clarify exactly what an individual is charged with and the bail amount. The bondsman will then discuss the fee for their services. Be wary price quotes that are extremely low, when compared to other bondsman. Collateral is often collected in the form of cash or by using assets as collateral on top of the service fee. This collateral is given to provide assurance that the jailed individual will report for their court date. Examples of acceptable assets are vehicles, personal or family property, jewelry, stocks and bonds, and firearms. When property is used as collateral the equity amount of the mortgage must exceed the bond amount and possible future fees. 

After bail has been issued the bond recipient is not always free to resume life as normal. Each situation will have different restrictions and rules that must be followed based on the charges that were filed. Travel may be restricted for work purposes or if a relative is gravely ill. Always reach out the bail bondsman prior to leaving town so that the court can be notified. If the court date needs to be changed for business or personal reasons always make contact. The bondsman has a positive interest in keeping their clients out of additional problems with the court system. Take action to assist a loved one by quickly hiring a reputable bail bondsman