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Learning More About Savings

Do Bail Bond Agents Take Steps To Make Sure Defendants Go To Court?

by Ralph Ford

When you use a bail bond agent to get released from jail before your trial, the agent will take steps to ensure that you follow through with your responsibilities. The main responsibility is going to court for all your hearings, which is vital to the bail bond agent that assists you. How does a bail bond agent make sure a defendant goes to court? They take several steps to do this, and here are some of the steps they take.

They Charge Fees

To use a bail bond agent, they will ask you to pay a fee. You might pay it with cash if you have it. If you do not have cash, you can use collateral. When you use collateral, the agent holds onto it until you fulfill all your obligations in the deal. If you fail to do what you are told to do, you lose the collateral. The collateral you offer is not all you lose, though. You will also owe the bail bond agent the money they spent on your bail. If they paid the jail $10,000 to bail you out, you will also owe this money. Therefore, a bail bond agent will tell you how this works when you pay your fees, as this might be a big enough incentive to convince you to follow through with your court hearings.

They Might Require Check-Ins

While you might not have to check in with the bail bond agent, there are times when agents require check-ins. Requiring check-ins offers a way for the agent to keep you in check. They might ask you to call them once a week or email them. In some cases, they will ask you to visit their office once a week or every other week. When they do this, they can remind you of your court hearings and keep track of you. You might have a better chance of attending your court hearings if you have to check in with the agent regularly.

They Can Put You Back in Jail

The other thing to realize is that your bail bond agent can put you back in jail if you fail to go to your court hearings. The court will issue an arrest warrant if you do not go to court, and the bail bond agent can find you and arrest you if this occurs. Therefore, you will want to follow the rules the bail bond agent gives you. You can learn more by talking to a local agency, such as All Star Bail Bonds.