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Learning More About Savings

Why You Might Not Necessarily Be Granted Bail

by Ralph Ford

After you have been arrested for a crime, you might be ready to contact a loved one to bail you out of jail. Then, you can be free to continue to work, meet your responsibilities, and work on building your case. However, there are several reasons why your judge might choose to deny bail.

The Crime Committed

The likelihood that you will receive bail depends on the severity of the crime. More serious crimes such as armed robbery are more likely to lead to the judge not offering bail. If you have a past record, the judge might determine that you're too much of a risk to the public and might deny bail.

The Likelihood That You are Guilty

One of the ideas behind bail is that you may be innocent of the crime and should not be forced to remain in jail for months waiting for a trial. However, if the evidence stacked against you is substantial, the judge may choose to deny bail.

Your Flight Risk

Another concern is whether you are considered a flight risk. If the judge believes there is nothing tying you to the community such as a steady job, the judge might determine that you are too much of a flight risk. However, if you are known for being an upstanding member of the community, and if you have been a part of the community for a long time, you are more likely to be awarded bail.

What to Do If the Judge Allows Bail

If you are able to receive bail, make sure to use your phone call to contact a family member who can contact an all-hours bail bond agent. It can be expensive to post bail, but a bail bond agent can make the process much easier. Rather than paying the full bail amount, your loved one will only need to pay a percentage set by the state which will serve as a fee.

You Might Only Receive One Chance

Once you have been bailed out of jail, it's important to meet all of your court hearings. Otherwise, your bail might be forfeited and the bail amount will need to be paid to the bail bond agent. You also might be unable to post bail in the future. But as long as you meet all of your court dates, you will not have to remain in jail until your case has been resolved.

Reach out to a bail bonds agency to learn more.